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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Penthos Magazine. We are looking for essays, short stories and poems that pull us into the emotional impact of losing a child. Before submitting, please consider the themes of loss, grief, love and memory and how they reflect your experience. If you are interested in creating literary work or art we encourage you to submit to our journal. These submissions are welcome from parents, siblings or guardians who are writing about the loss of a child. We ask interested contributors to look over the following guidelines before submission:


Though we encourage contributors to be expressive, work which has inappropriate themes such as homophobia, excessive violence, or racism will not be allowed. We are focusing on uplifting individuals in a delicate way. With this being said, there will be no use of profanity for the sake of shock value.


We will not accept any more than 3 submission per written topic, per person. If you are submitting your piece to multiple journals, please inform us immediately if your journal has been accepted for publication elsewhere.


We accept the following forms of unpublished literary work:

  • Essays (maximum 3,000 words)

  • Fiction (maximum 1,000 words)      

  • Non-fiction (maximum 1,000 words)

  • Poetry ( maximum 500 words)  

  • The aforementioned must be in one of the following formats: ( .doc, .pdf or .docx)       


All work must be submitted via email. Please address your email to:


In the subject line please indicate whether the work you are submitting is one of the following:


- Fiction

- Non-fiction

- Poetry

- Art


In the body of the email please include:

-  Your Name

-  State/Country you live in

-  Brief Biography


We will do our best to reply to all submissions. Please allow 3-5 weeks for a response. We value and respect the thoughts and feeling of all writers. However if your work is not chosen, we appreciate you sharing your experience and encourage you to continue to share your story.

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